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Colon & Deep Organ Massage

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Restorative, detoxing treatment


  • Colon & deep organ massage - £28 (30 mins)
  • Colon & deep organ massage with hot stones - £32 (40 mins)

Treatment details:

Colon & Deep Organ Massage is a fantastic detox treatment. It uses the best of traditional acupressure and energetic healing from the East and combines them with Western deep massage techniques to produce a truly holistic system of treatment for many modern stress-related, bowel, lower back and emotional problems.

The massage seeks to restore the whole digestive system to its pre-stressed state, by relaxing all of the involved muscles and getting them working again properly, settling the nerves and taking the tension out of the fasicae surrounding the organs.

Benefits of a Colon & Deep Organ Massage

The colon is part of that amazing cleaning system that we all have. When the colon becomes clogged with faecal matter it becomes unable to do its job in the way it is intended to. This can lead to a number of problems such as fatigue, moodiness, skin problems, bloating, constipation and even cancer.

By removing the faecal build up you will help to eliminate a number of health issues. Once your colon is functioning properly it will be able to efficiently remove the waste and toxins in your body, helping to clear up acne and increase energy. The biggest benefit may be that it can help to prevent cancer. Many health issues can be linked to an improperly functioning colon.

Conditions Suitable for Treatment:

Our Colon & Deep Organ Massage is also available with the addition of hot stones, to provide a deeply penetrating and relaxing effect.

Treatment time including consultation is 30-45 minutes depending upon the condition being treated.


N.B. Prior to treatment a consultation will be given and contra-indications discussed.