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Natural Face Lift

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Relaxing, grounding, energy balancing


  • Natural face lift massage - £29 (30 mins)

Treatment details:

A natural antidote to ageing stress

Natural face lift massage is a safe, non-invasive healthcare modality drawing on ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, energy balancing techniques, specially adapted massage moves, acupressure points and aesthetic principles. Firmly based in tried and trusted bodyworks traditions, this revitalising treatment is extraordinary. Natural face lift massage is a unique massage therapy that relaxes your facial and neck muscles, helping your skin to regain it elasticity while encouraging wrinkles and bags to diminish.

The benefits to the recipient are numerous; it is useful to know in advance that for a long-term result, a series of 6-8 weekly treatments is recommended. This is because although one session will begin to lessen wrinkles and habitual expression lines, tighten facial contours and improve skin tone, regular sessions have a cumulative effect. As tension in taut facial muscles is released with each session the techniques used by the natural face lift massage therapist actively promote an improved flow of nutrients to skin cells while stimulating better blood and lymphatic circulation which helps in the elimination of toxins, creating a fresher, healthier look and the benefits don’t stop there! The massage helps to free age-old constrictions in connective tissue and facial muscles encouraging the connective tissue to glide more smoothly. The result is that under-eye bags and puffiness are reduced skin elasticity is increased and because the body’s subtle energy is gently balanced throughout the massage, this treatment encourages the recipient’s innate beauty confidence and inner radiance to shine for everyone to see.

How the treatment works

The natural face lift massage therapist works on sections of the face, systematically releasing deep-seated tension and freeing layers of muscle and connective tissue so that the facial muscles can relax. Microcirculation of blood and lymph is gently restored. The facial tissues glide more smoothly over the deeper layers of the facial muscles and bones. When the therapist systematically tightens and relaxes the facial muscles, the entire area is toned up. The build-up of toxins can sometimes be seen on our faces, making them look saggy puffy dull and grey. The natural face lift massage combats these symptoms by including moves, which help the lymphatic system to drain more effectively. The sweeping and concentrated acupressure techniques and precise massage moves encourage lymphatic drainage. This in turn helps to remove toxins. Result? The client’s skin regains a healthier appearance and generates a glowing look for days.

The energy balancing processes during the massage stimulates the energy centres around the face. This helps to release blockages in the subtle energy field bringing about emotional and physical releases having a direct effect on the client’s well being.

There are six stages involved:

A Natural Antidote to ageing stress

For many of us, a busy life with hours spent in front of a computer screen can lead to tired eyes and stress related symptoms such as headaches eye-strain and insomnia. The natural face lift massage is excellent for relieving these unwanted by-products of a busy twenty-first century lifestyle. Furthermore, each treatment helps to create brighter, more alert eyes and a face that is truly rested and relaxed. The natural face lift massage offers an original antidote to the ravaging effects of a stressful and less than healthy lifestyle.


N.B. Prior to treatment a consultation will be given and contra-indications discussed.