Healing Touch

Alternative therapies


Massage Treatments

We offer a wide range of massage treatments, from relaxing, soothing hot stone massage to invigorating and energising deep tissue massage. Browse our full range of massage treatments below.
Holistic Full Body Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Holistic Full Body Massage
Promote suppleness & circulation
From £48
Signature Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Signature Massage
Let go, release and unwind!
From £25
Colon & Deep Organ Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Colon & Deep Organ Massage
Restorative, detoxing treatment
From £28
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Invigorating aromatherapy oil massage
From £38
Ultimate Stress Relief Back Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Ultimate Stress Relief Back Massage
Untangle deep knots and de-stress
From £29
Hot Stone Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Hot Stone Massage
Deeply relaxing & healing
From £35
Advanced Deep Tissue Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Advanced Deep Tissue Massage
Relief for tense muscles
From £36
Anti-Cellulite Leg Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Anti-Cellulite Leg Massage
Reduce & fight cellulite!
From £25
Thai Herb Compress Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Thai Herb Compress Massage
Powerful detoxifying treatment
From £54
Warm Bamboo Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Warm Bamboo Massage
Asian deep tissue massage
From £30
Thai Foot Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Thai Foot Massage
Encourages the flow of Sen energy channels
From £32
Luxury “Foot Facial” - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Luxury “Foot Facial”
Relaxing & nourishing
From £29

Complementary Therapies

Our complementary therapies take a holistic approach to your physical and mental health. We consider all aspects of your physical and emotional wellbeing as a whole, rather than treating particular symptoms separately.
Indian Head Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Indian Head Massage
Acupressure massage to soothe and calm
From £28
Hopi Ear Candling - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Hopi Ear Candling
A traditional, cleansing therapy
From £22
Reiki Healing - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Reiki Healing
A wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you
From £20

Specialist Massage Treatments

Our experience allows us to offer a range of specialist massage treatments, from massage for mothers-to-be to on-site chair massage.
Pregnancy Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Pregnancy Massage
Therapeutic bodywork for expectant mothers
From £30
New Mum Indulgence Treat - Healing Touch, Bournemouth New Mum Indulgence Treat
Because you're worth it!
From £64
On-Site Chair Massage - Healing Touch, Bournemouth On-Site Chair Massage
Seated massage, through clothing
From £10

Facial Treatments

You probably have your own daily skin care routine at home, which helps you to maintain your skin. But every now and then it is well worth letting a professional take care of you and truly pamper your face. Nothing beats the feeling of gliding your fingers over your face and feeling beautifully soft and smooth skin.
Express Facial - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Express Facial
Cleansing, exfoliating & moisturising
From £22
Natural Face Lift - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Natural Face Lift
Relaxing, grounding, energy balancing
From £25
Tropic Deluxe Facial - Healing Touch, Bournemouth Tropic Deluxe Facial
Calm, lift, tone & rebalance
From £35