Signature Massage
Scalp/head massage plus foot/lower leg massage

£22 | 30 minutes

Let go, release, and unwind with our fabulous signature massage therapy designed by us especially for you.
15 minute scalp/head massage plus a 15 minute foot/leg massage

Scalp and Head Massage

Our 15 minute scalp massage will allow you to experience soothing and calming sensations, releasing endorphins, whilst creating a feeling of contentment and happiness within.

Several techniques are applied to the scalp to promote relaxation, giving you a feeling of calm and wellbeing.


Promotes total relaxation, increases blood flow to the head, improving concentration to the brain, therefore helping with mental fatigue and also stimulating hair growth.

Foot and Lower Leg Massage

Several techniques are used to help you de-stress whilst promoting relaxation.

Wonderful, deeply relaxing treatment. If you experience foot, ankle or knee pain relating to standing for long periods this treatment helps by focusing on the foot and lower leg to encourage blood flow to your muscles, helping to reduce inflammation around the joints, also promoting relaxation of the lower leg and foot, also great for general wellbeing!


Reduces stiffness, improves sleep, and improves mobility, improved circulation.

Our special range of calming foot cream containing essential oils revive, relax, energise, immune boost and repair. Will restore balance and equilibrium back into your LIFE!

Why not combine this therapy with another treatment of your choice?

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