On-Site Chair Massage

£10 | 15 mins On-Site Chair Massage
£20 | 30 mins On-Site Chair Massage

About On-Site Seated Massage
On-Site Seated Massage is a special adaptation of massage, stretches and the amazing benefits of acupressure. As the name suggests, it is a seated massage, performed through clothing and can be applied to use as either a fifteen or thirty minute treatment. It can be used in work places, day centers, exhibitions, sporting occasions, conferences, festivals and many other public events.

At any one time in the UK, more than a million of us are suffering a musculoskeletal disorder (MSDs) and backs are the most common. Here are some of The Health & Safety Executive figure:-

  • You have a staggering 80% chance of developing lower back pain at some point in your life.
  • The average sufferer spends 17 days a year off sick with MSDs.
  • In 2006/07 247,000 people reported having a work related MSD in the last 12 months.
  • As well as the human cost of pain and suffering, MSDís cost employers an estimated £600m (HSE 1995/96 figures).
  • Last year more than 10 million working days were lost to MSDs.

The Benefits of On-Site Seated Massage

  • A comprehensive mind & body treatment performed on the whole body but through clothing.
  • Ideal for clients who donít want to disrobe or feel the cold, but would like a deep massage.
  • Excellent deep and stretching massage for those who carry a lot of tension.
  • Better respiratory function through the relaxant effect.
  • Better systemic circulation through release of deep muscle tension.

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