Pregnancy Massage

£39 | 1 hour

Is a specific massage designed for during and after pregnancy, Prenatal massage have increased over the years due to the therapeutic bodywork that is provided for the mother, prenatal massages help ease the transition by focusing directly on the changes that mom will experience leading up to the childbirth. By being able to enhance the function of muscles and joints and improve circulation, prenatal massage have proven to be very beneficial to many expecting mothers, It is typically used for relaxation and to deal with pregnancy related Pain or discomfort.

The massage, usually lasts 1 hour, and the woman tends to lie on her side supported by towels. Several massage techniques’ are preformed, which are developed specifically for expectant mums to be.

Massage is great for easing tension and relaxing the muscles.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy

  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Edema
  • Reducing fluid build up in the ankles
  • Hypotension
  • Blood pressure reduces
  • Circulation works more effectively to help pump blood through to the heart
  • Alleviates Cramps, helps the fluid is pump more effectively
  • Carpel tunnel, helps reduce fluid in the tissues
  • Relaxation
  • Better lymphatic drainage
  • Help stretch tighten muscles
  • Detoxification, removal of fluid makes the skin look healthier
  • Immunity

For more information about Pregnancy Massage and its benefits, please visit the Embody Guide to Pregnancy Massage.

NB Prior to treatment a consultation will be given and
contra-indications discussed

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