Luxury Facial

£30 | 1 hour

Introducing the 'Luxury Facial'
using the Kobashi range of Organic oils.

This advanced method of traditional facial massage treats the surface and also deep facial tissues with highly refined, gentle hand and finger manipulation.

Facial massage can improve the appearance of the skin by shedding dead cells and exposing fresh, new ones. The tone and strength of the muscles are improved and they receive a burst of oxygenated blood, encouraging skin growth. The tissues are warmed through the increased blood circulation and it induces relaxation. The lymphatic system is stimulated, which speeds up the removal of waste products and toxins, as well as reducing appearance of puffy eyes and skin.

The Six Key Stages:

  • Stage One - 'Tuning in'
  • Stage Two - 'Relaxation'
  • Stage Three - 'Whole body & energy balance'
  • Stage Four - 'Lift & smooth'
  • Stage Five - 'Lymphatic drainage'
  • Stage Six - 'Grounding'

All of the above stages are used to improve the circulation, tone, hydrate the skin, leaving you looking radiant.

Therapy Procedure

Commencing with cleansing your skin to remove your makeup whilst nourishing and softening the skin, with our Neroli or Rose Facial Luxury Gentle Cleanser.

Acupressure points are then applied to energy balance the whole body, using basic facial reflexology to stimulate points and relax and tone the face.

Followed by gentle massage to release tension and to stimulate the muscles and improve general skin tone, helping to control the signs of ageing using Kobashi Rose or Neroli oil range.

An application of Rehydrating Eye Serum Neroli, Rose or Pomegranate known to be regenerative, soothing and re-hydrating, whilst gently firming. Contains organic whole leaf aloe gel to help heal & repair skin tissue is applied. Excellent for reducing puffiness around the eyes.

One of our range of 'Hydrolat Spritzers', containing properties to soothe and tone the skin is then applied to complete this wonderful treatment.

Lastly, an anti-wrinkle face moisturiser is applied from our Kobashi range to boost natural radiance leaving you refreshed, relaxed and invigorated.

A luxury facial treatment usually takes 60 minutes, for an optimum facial lift once a week is recommended for a minimum of four weeks, then once every four weeks depending on the client.

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