Indian Head Massage

£25 | 30 minutes

Indian head massage (champissage) is a treatment that has evolved from traditional techniques that have been practiced in India as part of a family ritual for over a thousand years. The therapy is performed on the scalp face neck & shoulders. It is a treatment that involves the therapist using their hands to knead, rub, and massage the muscle tissue and can help to relax, soothe or invigorate the receiver.

Indian Head Massage is increasingly popular as a therapy for the following reasons:

  • No removal of clothes is needed
  • It can be performed almost anywhere
  • It can be performed with or without the use of oils

Indian Head Massage is very much an experience of soothing and calming sensations releasing chemicals called endorphins which create a feeling of contentment and happiness.

What to expect during my visit?

The treatment begins with a consultation involving discussing your needs and problems and taking a full Medical history

How does Indian Head Massage work?

By applying concentrated massage to the upper areas of the body Indian Head Massage releases tension thereby allowing the blood to circulate better and with it carrying oxygen and nutrients so important for the function of the brain. It also increases the lymphatic flow to help rid the body of toxins and other waste products.

An Indian Head Massage is very beneficial for physical ans emotional health. It has the following benefits:

  • It promotes total relaxation as the massage gives a feeling of calm and well being
  • Increased blood circulation to the head, neck, and shoulders stimulates oxygen and nutrients thus helping to improve the condition of the skin and to stimulate hair growth
  • Increased blood circulation to the brain can improve concentration and therefore help with mental fatigue
  • Assist detoxification of the body by stimulating the Lymphatic system
  • Relieves eyestrain and tension headaches
  • Help with irritability and promotes sleep

For more information about Indian Head Massage and its benefits, please visit the Embody Guide to Indian Head Massage.

NB Prior to treatment a consultation will be given and
contra-indications discussed

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